Photographer pepper-sprayed by Parliament January 20th, 2009

I have posted the raw footage leading up to this scene. The reason is that I think that this footage raises many questions that need to be addressed at some point. The main question for me is: Did this photographer pose a threat that justified spraying a chemical weapon directly in his face? What was that threat? I have posted un-edited raw footage, with time-code in order to be fair to everyone involved.

To see the raw footage see the rest of this post.

[flashvideo filename=video/090120-13.flv width=500 height=281 /]

[flashvideo filename=video/090120-14.flv width=500 height=281 /]

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  1. I saw a video like this on Youtube by a Dori Sig, but it was much more detailed. It is a terrible situation. I hope it turns out well.



  1. Hope from below: composing the commons in Iceland | Take The Square - [...] whose day job was to occasionally perform as riot police, were commanded to restore ‘order’ by pepper spraying the …

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